Control and automation of the mechanical applications

Our Mechanical application services department is specialized in the control and automation of the mechanical applications in different industries using the electric control technology. during these years we gained extensive technical experiences, in the electric control for mechanical applications in Libya.

We are now positioned as engineering company in this field with projects implemented in most of the Power plants in GECOL and Oil & Gas Companies.

Technical Services

Technical Services Unit delivers a set of advanced professional services to our clients in different industrial segments. The unit consists of the following departments: Design, Installation, Maintenance and After Sales Services.

The services provided by this unit covers:

  • Integrated automation solutions for industrial systems, according to international standards of this field.
  • Automation of mechanical applications using technologies of electric actuating systems.
  • Deliver warranty and after sales services:
    • Against manufacturing defects.
    • Against design defects.
    • Against installation defects.
    • Spare parts availability.
    • Maintenance and repair services.
  • Replacement and renewing technologies of electric actuating systems and getting the benefit of repair and maintenance of outdated systems.
  • Maintenance and overhauling contracts:
  •        In order to support our customers by helping them to reduce investments in managing in-house spare parts to secure their operation and maintenance departments, we        are providing services that deliver the following benefits:

    • An entire review of electric actuating systems, for all brands, to assure its technical compliance of safe operation requirements.
    • Forming units of reserve covering current applications at the site to secure operation in case of any sudden malfunction.
    • Saving invested capital of upcoming spare parts.
    • Provide safe operating.
    • Reduce operating cost and maintenance to the possible minimum.