MASDAR construction & maintenance division offer a full turnkey project in the Oil & Gas field.

Construction Services

  • Construction, Testing and commissioning for Oil & Gas Field facilities including        pipelines, true lines, process piping and facilities.
  • Oil and Gas Processing plant.
  • Crude oil and products storage tanks up to 500,000 bbls in capacity.
  • Construction and refurbishment of accommodation blocks suitable to desert        conditions according to BS, ASTM, and ACI standards.

Maintenance Services

  • Maintenance/Repair and Revamping works for Oil & Gas Field facilities such as        Stationary and Rotating equipments, Separators, Desalted, Boilers, Skimmers,        Dehydrators, Scrubbers, Gas Boots and Production Tanks, etc. and assorted        equipments.
  • Repair / Maintenance of underground cross-country pipeline up to 42 inch in        diameter.
  • Maintenance of crude oil storage tanks and various product storage and utility        tanks. Activities include repair and replacement of tank appurtenances, bottom        plate and roof plate, supply of foam dam seal plate and weather shield for floating        roof tanks, etc.
  • Maintenance / repair of oil / gas pipelines up to 42'' inside diameter.
  • Cleaning inspection of pipelines up to 42'' inside
  • Erection of crude oil storage tanks.